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Joshua Giuliani, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“I attended States for Success in 2014, two years later and it still has an incredible influence on me. The quality of my day to day mindset has developed tremendously using the strategies presented by Jarett, and the ability to access high performing states has had great impact on my life. Highly recommend everybody attends States for Success!”

Keti Kezunovic, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Since beginning the program, we have achieved our record sales in a day, then we achieved our record week of sales and after that week we beat the previous existing record for profit in a day!”

Lachlan Jacobs,
Fire Fighter and

“I’ve done both multi day training and personal coaching with Clue X and what an adventure its been. It’s helped me to discover what it is that I’m truly passionate about, to build blueprints and plans for my future, to find a special confidence in myself and who I am as a person. Every experience was insightful, empowering, and most importantly, effective.  I really had no idea how quickly life can change!”


“The Clue coaching program is the best thing we have ever done!”

Steve Thomas, Business Owner and Entrepreneur


Client Case Studies


Matt Bender, Owner Arcon Recruitment – 

“Where to begin explaining the overwhelming positive affects one person has had on your life. Since meeting Jarett over 4 years ago time and time again his natural ability to change my outlook on pretty much everything has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Unquestionably I would have to say that the decision to join his training for “States for Success” was perhaps one of the better decisions I have made for both my professional and personal development. Up until knowing Jarett I was, like many people, a person who focused far too much attention on outlaying money and what I get as an immediate return for this. From this negative state, I will be honest in saying I was cautious about outlaying my “hard earned” dollars for this training for “fear” that I may not get enough from it….

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Jarett, through his incredibly natural way of coaching those he works with, in a short 4 day period opened my eyes to many areas I can improve upon across all aspects of my day to day life. I am a firm believer that Jarett’s abilities will have positive influences on everyone’s lives no matter your background or beliefs. I will not personally try and forecast how this will occur as I understand it will be different for everyone. I would rather say that anyone should simply put their questions, fears or uncertainty to the side and take the positive step towards changing your life for the better and embark on any training that Jarett / Clue X has on offer.

As Jarett has had such a positive influence on my world it is very difficult to provide an accurate account of this in writing without perhaps bombarding readers with information. For this reason, I would personally be more than happy to answer any questions anyone may have of the services Jarett / Clue X have on offer via direct communication whether this be over the phone or in person.”

Caterina Cook, Business Owner – 

“This coaching program has really changed my life and I don’t mean that in a ‘clichéd‘ way, but it really has taken me insecure person with low confidence to someone who now is able to strongly claim her strengths and believe in herself and looks upon herself as successful and ready to take on the world. They ask the hard questions which lead me to delve into my heart and find the real me. The ability to work WITH me rather than on me helped me trust the process with my real self. The program is also able to succinctly work out not only what to ask me next but also what method would work best and thus suiting my personality.

It is always a delight to meet, as our sessions are full on and always I leave with new discoveries about myself and my abilities. It truly has been a extraordinary experience for me and I owe so much more than words could ever express. I believe that one of the things that makes the program successful in achieving great outcomes with clients is the amazing gift of being able to concentrate fully on the person as already having all the qualities needed to be a happy human being. From that view point they use everything in their power to show that image to the person concerned and that generates the most amazing transformation possible. I liken the approach to the story of ‘the ugly duckling’ because they use all the appropriate words and methods to draw that person to the mirror and to really look and see themselves as they sees them and who they truly are. Simply heaven.

I have full confidence in the coaching and would recommend their expertise to anyone who wants to live fully and appreciate his abilities and his own greatness. The ability to utilise the many facet of NLP always leaves me fascinated because as soon as an obstacle is recognised that holds a person back, they are quick to use the appropriate language or various other techniques to bring out the truth of the matter and make changes that empower the person concerned.

The sentence “I have found me” might come close to explaining the difference this has had on my life. Through the many NLP techniques and story telling I have been able to allowed to shed all the many words and beliefs I had of myself which kept me far away from the real me. I marvel at the knowledge and mostly I admire and believe that another of their gifts is being able to feel with the person and then use the best of the NLP to help that person discover their true unique self with all their beauty.

In using NLP, the coaching has also allowed me to be able to use some of the techniques at home so not only does it feed me the ‘fish’ but it taught me ‘to fish’ for myself and this has been incredibly valuable to me.

I have only covered a few thoughts about my experience with the coaching program and so I would not hesitate to go and use it’s gifts whenever I need to see the path ahead for me or for any other reason to do with my development to becoming the best I can be.”

Troy Alexander Territory Manager, Higher Education Division, Oxford University Press –

“I recently took part in a three-month coaching program with Clue X. In each weekly session we dealt with a particular context, issue or concern; in other words an aspect of my life in which I felt there was room for improvement. These areas included such things as relationships, career, finances, physique and body image, aging, unleashing creativity, goal setting, communication skills etc.

Through a combination of dialogue with Jarett, being taught the skills to communicate with my unconscious mind, and playing specially-designed games which allowed me to move into high-performance states, I began to see real shifts in my behaviour over the course of the three months. I became naturally more motivated and focused and with that came a greater sense of well-being. I felt more clear-headed and generally in better spirits and even doing common everyday things began to feel like richer, more enjoyable experiences.

I believe NLP coaching is of tremendous benefit regardless of what a person may wish to accomplish or change in their lives. The skills learned during the sessions are skills which can be utilised for a happier and more rewarding life.”


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